AvtomatikaAz LLC is one of the leading companies in the field of constantly developing industrial and industrial automation of the Republic of Azerbaijan. Our company has been operating in the Azerbaijan Industrial Market for 15 years (2005-2020). Our main field of activity is to provide our customers with industrial equipment, spare parts for industrial equipment from domestic and foreign manufacturers, official distributors, sales representatives as soon as possible with a guarantee for our customers. Another main activity of our company is the development and presentation of full local and national management software solutions for the automation of industrial equipment. Our company, which operates in the construction, chemical, textile and food sectors of various industries, has been involved in testing and commissioning of industrial equipment in various cities, towns and villages of the country for 15 years, eliminating malfunctions in a short time. Our company also regularly participates in the commissioning of industrial equipment and troubleshooting at the invitation of local and foreign entrepreneurs outside the country.

The goal of our company is to be the most experienced and largest local company in the Republic of Azerbaijan, as well as abroad, offering national solutions under the brand "Made in Azerbaijan".